Leyna's Beauty Blog & Makeup Tutorial

I cannot account for different skin types since everyone's body chemistry is different.  This tutorial is based on how I take care of my combination skin.


Being a busy working woman, I personally do not have time to touch up on my makeup during the day. 


Over the years, I have tried different products and routines.  I can finally say that I have found what works best for being on-the-go. 


Taking care of my skin first makes a difference as to how my makeup stays flawless.

Skin Care:

Wash face with SKINFOOD Egg White Perfect Pores daily.

I was introduced to the SKINFOOD line back in 2016 from a Christmas gift.  Curious about the natural ingredients listed, I looked into the this product's line to see what else they have to offer and bought this cleanser.  This has been my go-to ever since.  I love how clean and refreshing my face feels after I wash it.

Apply SKINFOOD Gold Caviar Toner and then moisturize with SKINFOOD Gold Caviar Serum.


I have seen mixed reviews for this toner especially from the ones who also have combination skin, but this toner still seems to work well for me because it is dense and moisturizing.


I was happy to have stumbled upon the serum while waiting for my flight in South Korea in 2017.  This serum is lightweight and completely absorbs into my skin.   It does not leave any residue compared to other serums or moisturizers I have used in the past.


This serum is expensive but definitely worth it.  One whole bottle has lasted me over 4 months.  


Exfoliate with Disco Kitten Face Mask weekly.  This peel-off mask had taken out sebum in areas that nose strips can't reach.  

Once in a while, use the Skin Food Pearl Mask - I absolutely love this! My face feels like it's in heaven.

Exfoliate lips by brushing off dry skin from lips gently with warm water. Do not peel!


Taking   the   nude   look  onto   the   next   level


I.  After applying toner and moisturizer, apply concealer to any trouble spots.  Mally Beauty H3 concealer in Light works best for under my eyes.

II. Foundation:  My choice is SkinFood Platinum Grape Cell Essential BB Cream SPF45

V. Lips:  My lips are always dry even though I stay hydrated.  For my nude lips look:

Apply lip liner (Buxom Dolly) to outer lip lining

Apply a little bit of Carmex to pouts 

Go over with Tarte Low Key or Bestie (these 2 matte colors are very natural yet gives pouts some definition)

III. Countour:  Tarte Palette I

Use the darkest shade on both sides of the nose bridge, hairline above the forehead, jawlines, lower cheekbones

Blend medium and light shade to the same areas

Blush the cheek apples

Highlight upper cheekbones and under eyebrows

VI.  Eyebrows: Tony Moly so far has been the best product that stays put, yet is easy to wash off with cleanser

Use an eyebrow brush to shape/remove excess from eyebrows

IV. Eyes: Apply Mally eyeshadow Stick in Timeless Taupe over lids.  You have 45 seconds to play with it before it sets, but it literally takes me 2 seconds to apply and have no need to fix since it's easy to use

- Use a small brush to apply Maybelline gel shadow over the crease of eyelids

- Apply Physician's Formula brown eyeliner pencil

- For an eye-brightening look, apply Maybelline Lasting Drama Light Liner in Starlight to inner corner of the eyes, blending to upwards